Information extraction solution, matching and reporting for medical devices vigilance

Presentative health care platform for securing cross boarder access

Integrated polymer-based microfluidic microsystem for DNA extraction, amplification and silicon-based detection

System for reliability assessment of nuclear software

Business process management platform for health care

Integration of an open source Finite Element tool and libraries with a repository of multi scale modeling and 3D visualization of the inner ear

Web-based decision support system for tele-rehabilitation


Software modules for e-prescription platform

Design of CMOS multi-frequency signal generation circuit for bioimpedance and of a neural stimulator circuit

System-level design and individual CMOS block design and layout of two ASICs (AMS 0.35μm)

Instrumentation Techniques for Multifrequency Bioimpedance Measurements (Simulink, Multisim-Cadence Models-Discrete electronics-PCB design)

Design of a CMOS Current-Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier for Electrical Impedance Tomography

Modelling, design and validation of tetrapolar impedance biosensors for Lab-on-a-Chip applications

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