Tecreando is a partnership of highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers and business executives, with a long and successful track record, focusing on providing solutions, products, and services in the application domains and market sectors of Biomedicine, Wellness, Assisted Living, Transport, Security & Defense, and Communications.

Our expertise and knowhow are in the areas of Microelectronics & Sensors, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning, and Biomedical Technologies.

Our mission is to use technology to leverage positive impact in real-life applications. We aim at the world to connotate Tecreando with “impactful applications of innovative solutions engineered with state-of-the-art and novel technologies”.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the strong commitment of Tecreando’s Team and its deep awareness of the business and technological challenges involved in the design, development and delivery of innovative solutions, products, and services.

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