Microelectronics & Sensors

Application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design and analogue signal processing when ultra-low-power and high integration are essential,
and instrumentation/control electronics for sensor interfacing, electrophysiological signal recordings, signal conditioning
and digitization

Electrochemical (amperometric and potentiometric sensors for pH, Na+, K+, glucose lactate), physical (temperature and strain sensors), impedimetric (bioimpedance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy), optical (photodetectors and photoplethysmography) and electrophysiological (ECG, EMG, EEG) sensors

Battery-powered and battery-less (via magnetic induction) system development

Microfluidics design and fabrication of passive mixers and pumps and fluidic channels with integrated sensing capabilities for point-of-care analysis of biosamples

Fabrication methods for flexible/stretchable electronic devices, centered mainly around interconnect and sensor technology, elastomeric and plastic materials, conductive polymers and composites and liquid metals

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