Panagiotis Tsatsoulis
Scientist and Business executive with 30 years of experience and successful track record in Photonics, Industrial Automation & Robotics, and Information Technology. 
BSc in Physics, University of Athens, Greece. MSc in applied and modern optics, University of Reading, UK. 
Technical Expert, Project Manager, Technical Manager, and Commercial Director in a number of high technology companies.
Executive Vice President and General Manager in a Robotics and Industrial Automation company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.
Regional Director for N. America, E. Asia and Oceania in a defense electro-optics company.
Managing Director in a nanotechnology company.

Jane Walsh
eHealth and Wellbeing Expert – External Consultant
Scientist with long experience in Connected Health, Mobile Technologies, and Personalized Technological Solutions for Healthy Ageing.
PhD in Psychology, National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, Ireland.
Researcher in the Educational Research Centre in Carlow Institute of Technology, Ireland.
Former Chair of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Division of Health Psychology. 
Active member of the European Health Psychology Society.
Member of the Research Advisory Board for the Irish Cancer Society.

Petros Toumpaniaris
Innovative Solutions Manager

Engineer and Researcher with long experience in Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and Defense Systems. 
BEng Honors in Electronic Engineering with Medical Electronics, University of Kent (UK).
MSc (Res) in Medical Electronic Engineering, University of Kent (UK). 
PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Medical School of University of Patras (Greece). 
More than 20 years of experience as Researcher in Biomedical Engineering and as Electronic Engineer in the Defense Electronics Industry. Expertise in the research and design of medical systems and computational methods for prognosis and diagnosis of diseases of several medical specialties such as Cardiovascular System, Οtorhinolaryngology, Speech Mechanics and Brain Oncology.
Participated in the development and production of testers for the electronic parts of Missile (Defense) Systems.

Jeannine Athas
Senior Business Development – External Consultant
A Business Development, results-oriented executive with diverse experience in both US and European technology markets, driving company growth and profitability with a track record in uncovering, initiating and growing business opportunities and innovative products.
Successful and experienced Entrepreneur with 9 years Venture Capital and Private Equity experience in UK, and a strong Silicon Valley and European network.
Recognized for establishing long-term, successful and profitable commercial relationships through building collaborative teams and dynamic companies, developing rapport, agreement and influence to build alliances, conduct strategic negotiations, generate sponsors and close deals with executive management, corporate partners, and vendors.
INSEAD MBA. Fulbright Scholar.

Panagiotis Kassanos
Senior Researcher, R&D
Researcher and Engineer with long experience in his fields of expertise.
MEng and PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (UCL), London, UK.
Post-Doctoral EPSRC PhD+ Research Fellowship and Research Associate working on the New imaging methods for the detection of cancer biomarkers, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UCL. 
Honorary Research Associate with the Biomedical Engineering Research Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, City University, London. 
Research Associate with the Hamlyn Centre, Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London. 
Research activities on Smart Sensing, Fair Space and Micro-Robotics for Surgery, and on flexible/stretchable electronics.
Expertise in CMOS analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for biomedical, sensor and signal processing applications, sensor interfacing readout electronics, telemetry, bioimpedance, sensor design and fabrication, electrochemical sensors, low-cost fabrication techniques for sensors, circuits, interconnects, and microfluidics for point-of-care analysis and flexible and stretchable electronics and soft robotics, conducting polymer and conductive composite elastomeric materials, liquid metals and Raman spectroscopy. 

Ioannis Kouris
Senior Engineer, Software Development & IT Management

Engineer with more than 15 years of experience. Expert in Software Design and Development, IT Projects Management, IT Solutions Architecture and Full Stack Development. 
BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece.
MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering, University of Patras and National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
Strong experience in designing, managing and implementing IT Solutions and Projects, as well as, in developing software products using a number of frameworks, technologies and tools including .NET technologies (ASP .NET, .NET Core), Java Python, JS frameworks (Angular, jQuery), Remote Sensing and GIS software.

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