Biomedicine, Wellness, Wellbeing, and Assisted Living

  • Systems for Information extraction, matching and reporting for medical device vigilance
  • Presentative health care platforms for securing cross boarder access
  • Integrated polymer-based microfluidic microsystem for DNA extraction, amplification and silicon-based detection
  • Business process management platforms for healthcare
  • Finite Element modeling and 3D visualization tools for the inner ear
  • Development of web applications (front and back end) of a Decision Support System for tele-rehabilitation
  • Software modules for e-Prescription platforms
  • Systems for personalized virtual coaching for wellness
  • Wearable sensors for physiological monitoring
  • Home care system for monitoring elderly with dementia

Smart Farming & Precision Agriculture

  • Combining Sensors and Microelectronics with AI and DL we develop Solutions for:
    • Yield Prediction
    • Disease Detection
    • Weed Detection
    • Precision Intervention (Irrigation, Pesticide, and Fertilizer Optimization)
    • Crop Quality Estimation
  • Smart Farming Sensors
    • Autonomous Microclimate Forecasting and Monitoring that feeds a Decision Support System to control and plan
    • Actions and Interventions with regards to the Cultivation. (Wind Speed, Air Quality, Atmospheric Pressure, Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Humidity, Air Pollutants)
    • Soil Properties Measurements that are transmitted to ML-capable Devices. (Soil Hydration, pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Temperature, Heavy Metals, Na+ , K+ , MG+2 , Ca+2 )


  • Systems for improving airport efficiency, security and passenger flow
  • Systems to support accessibility and mobility for maritime transport


  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Platform connecting Users (Persons with Brands and Persons with Persons) for targeted, timely and context-aware sharing of intelligently and contextually personalized experiences related to Recreational Activities
  • Platform providing highly personalized content based on User’s Dynamic Profile (context, emotions, mood and sentiment) for applications such as: enhance user experiences, improve lifestyle, increase wellness, engage and motivate, raise awareness and commitment to environmental or other issues
  • Platforms for governance behavior, policies and legal requirements for facilitating SME access to markets
  • Platforms for eGovernment fraud detection
  • System for mastering data intensive collaboration and decision making in large organizations
  • Knowledge management platforms using open-source technologies