Software Design & Development

  • Software design with focus on human-machine interaction and user experience.
  • Software architectures for extendable, modular and maintainable solutions with focus on performance, low fault tolerance, scalability and reliability, using software architecture patterns (microservices architecture, serverless architecture, event-driven architecture).
  • Software security assessing performing architecture risk analysis, threat modeling, security control design analysis and managed penetration testing.
  • Developer Operations for planning a product’s iteration development (using the AgileSoftware Development Life Cycle), testing and deployment to the production environments, deliver product updates and to monitor software performance.

Artificial Intelligence with Machine and Deep Learning Techniques

  • Applications of AI to products and new domains with a particular focus on suggestions, predictions, and decision-support systems.
  • Deep Learning: Application of State-of-the-Art deep learning models, capable of solving highly complex problems and achieving industry-leading results.
  • Big Data: Data exploration and model development, decision optimization via investigation, solution comparison and scenario evaluation, predictive models and analysis.
  • Distributed Learning: Applications on Big Data analytics, hybrid models employing data parallelism, image classification and computer vision.

Electronics Design & Development

  • Microelectronics, electronic instrumentation development and printed circuit board (PCB). Flexible printed circuit (FPC) and stretchable printed circuit (SPC) design and testing.
  • Sensor integration and low power implementations for small footprint wireless sensornodes.
  • Sensor interfacing circuitry and data acquisition systems.
  • Ultra-low power analog and mixed signal integrated circuit design, beneficial for high miniaturization and full customization.

Biomedical Technology

  • Bioinformatics: Predictive and Prognostic Models, Personalized Care Models, Biological Systems Modeling, Medical Imaging Analysis Tools, Computational Medicine, Health Data Analytics, Electronic Health Record, Telemedicine.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Electrical Stimulation, Electrical Bioimpedance and Impedance Tomography, Non-Invasive Endoscopy, Biomaterials, Health Parameters Monitoring, Translational Medicine.
  • Bioelectronics: Medical Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Body Area Networks, Wearable Devices, Smart Medical Diagnostics.
  • Sensors and Wearables: Bioimpedance, Electrochemical Sensors, Tactile Sensors, Flexible and Stretchable Sensor Fabrication with Additive Approaches, Sensor Arrays and Multiparametric/Multimodal Sensing, Point-of Care Sensors and Microfluidics.