Track record

An integrated point of care solution for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients. End-Users requirements analysis. Design requirements. Functional and non-functional specifications. Overall architecture.​

A Clinical Decision Support Tool using Simulation & Modeling of Coronary Artery Disease. Design and Multivariate analysis.



Parkinson’s Disease Platform. Decision support modelling. Implementation of backend modules of the mobile part of the system.



A co-operative mHealth environment targeting adherence and management of patients suffering from HF. Business Process Modeling. Data Mining and Knowledge management Framework.


A Home Care System for the Efficient Monitoring of Elderly People with Dementia.


Information Extraction, Matching and Reporting for Medical Devices Vigilance.




A decision support system based on advanced clinical theranostics protocols for the cost-effective, personalized management of HPV related diseases.


An ICT based solution for fall prevention & holistic management service for the elderly.



A Decision Support System incorporating a validated patient-specific, multi- scale Balance Hyper-model towards early diagnostic Evaluation and efficient Management plan formulation of Balance Disorders.

Platform for the Facilitation of Fraud Detection in Health Care.




Governance behavior, policies and legal requirements for facilitating access to market by dynamic clustering of SMEs.




Improving airport Efficiency, Security and Passenger Flow by Enhanced Passenger Monitoring.   

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